Caste Politics in Uttar pradesh

Caste Politics in Contemporary Uttar Pradesh

Will the backward castes always be a tool in the hands of figures of authority to create a new future for themselves?

Expanding the Contours of Judicial Independence: A Quasi-Judicial Perspective

INTRODUCTION The Supreme Court in Rojer Mathew v South Indian Bank Ltd and Ors landed a big blow to the Central Government when it struck...

Right to Access Internet Services: The Present Scenario

As the right to access internet is considered by a competent court to be a fundamental right under Article 21, internet services should not be banned unless there exists a genuine threat to security at the gravest degree, such as a war or a cause for a national emergency.

Who will Judge the Judges?

The judges are the ombudsman of the people, there should be a check on their powers to make sure that they don’t enjoy Carte Blanche's powers. 

Disqualification of MLA’s in Karnataka

Many questions have been raised regarding the partiality of the speaker on matters relating to disqualifications arising from defection and other causes, Therefore, it has been suggested in lieu of the Karnataka crisis that an authority like the Election Commission should decide on matters like disqualification to ensure impartiality.

Fight Against Corona or Dignity

While the country sees its first and sudden pandemic-prevention lockdown and restrictions as like a curfew after independence, this lockdown comes with unequal powers...
State Surveillance

The Conundrum of Right to Privacy and State Surveillance

There are no laws that allow for surveillance in India. The two laws covering interception are the Indian Telegraph Act and the Information Technology Act.

Power of the Supreme Court in exercising Judicial Restraint on Constitutional Amendments brought to...

All you need to know about the Judicial Restraint Power of Supreme Court of India on far-reaching policies of Government.

National Register of Citizens And The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019

History of NRC in Assam The “National Register of Citizens” abbreviated as NRC is a record of the people which is maintained by the Central...
Instrumentalities Purpose of Article 12 of the Constitution

Instrumentalities of State for the Purpose of Article 12 of the Constitution of India

Introduction “It is the business of the State to maintain the conditions without which a free exercise of the human faculties is impossible.” - T H...

Constitutional Amendments

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