The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019

INTRODUCTION Laws pertaining to citizenship are governed under Articles 5 to 11 in the Indian Constitution. But it is to be read along with the...
State Surveillance

The Conundrum of Right to Privacy and State Surveillance

There are no laws that allow for surveillance in India. The two laws covering interception are the Indian Telegraph Act and the Information Technology Act.

Reading Gopalan: Tracing the Foundation of Personal Liberty in Free India

This essay discusses Kania J’s judgement in Gopalan focusing on his judicial reasoning in terms of the constitutionality of the Preventive Detention Act and his reading of article 21 along with article 19 and the extent of these rights.
Article 12 of The Constitution of India, 1950

Article 12 of The Constitution of India, 1950

Article 12 of Indian Constitution States: In this Part, unless the context otherwise requires, “the State’’ includes the Government and Parliament of India and the...

Why is the abrogation of Article 370 unconstitutional?

A reasonable analysis based on primary legal principles, on the Constitution’s language and on the Court’s own past decisions, will show us that the CAA infracts fundamental rights, in particular the guarantee of equal treatment contained in Article 14.
Instrumentalities Purpose of Article 12 of the Constitution

Instrumentalities of State for the Purpose of Article 12 of the Constitution of India

Introduction “It is the business of the State to maintain the conditions without which a free exercise of the human faculties is impossible.” - T H...
Article Writing Competition

Results @ “Rack Your Brain” – 2nd National Quiz Competition by CCRD

We are glad to receive hundreds of Registration for Online National Quiz on Constitutional Law organised by Centre For Constitutional Research & Development. The...
Articel 370

Article 370 to be scrapped, J&K to be bifurcated

Mr. Amit Shah, the Home Minister of India, has introduced a Bill to remove Article 370 of the Constitution of India along with the...
Caste Politics in Uttar pradesh

Caste Politics in Contemporary Uttar Pradesh

Will the backward castes always be a tool in the hands of figures of authority to create a new future for themselves?
Preventive Detention

Preventive Detention as Invasion of Individual Liberty

INTRODUCTION India is a multi-cultural country where people of different mindsets live under one common system of law and government, with no other country having...

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