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Online Research Internship

The Centre for Constitutional Research and Development (CCRD) invites motivated students and scholars to apply for Online Research Internship at the institution. The platform is established by VidhiAagaz – Inking Your Brain in recognition of the need to have an authoritative record of constitutional history, judicial development and to create a forum for exchanging and sharing the discussion of the most important, relevant and recent issues pertaining to the Constitution.

Title of the post: 

Research Intern

Areas of research:

The research shall be carried out on any area related to Constitutional Law.

(Topics to write and research with deadlines will be provided by the Centre)


12 weeks from the date of appointment.


Certificates shall be issued on proper and prompt completion of the internship assignments and tasks.

Key responsibilities:

Research and Writing Projects will be assigned to the internees after their final selection.It may include:

  1. Writing of blog posts, on an assigned topic or areas related to the research topic in the given deadline. (as per the guidelines of centre)
  1. Editing the blog posts according to the guidelines of the centre.

Minimum Eligibility requirements:

  1. Graduate, Post Graduate, Research Students and any other candidate with strong research interest in the field of Constitutional Law with serious research interest can apply.
  2. Good researching and writing skill.
  3. Proficiency in English both spoken and written.
  4. Computer skills inclusive of basics such as typing, proper and prompt management of desktop, folders and files to more extensive usage of Ms Office high end operations, file format conversions, internet and browsing knowledge.

Preference shall be given to students with following qualities the following qualities:

  1. Commitment to research methodology, and structured learning.
  2. Desire to learn and grow, both individually and as a part of a team and institution.
  3. Openness and respect to all schools of thought and new ideas.
  4. Pro-activeness as to research and academic initiatives
  5. Consistent academic and research interests and working culture.
  6. Multi-tasking readiness and interests.
  7. Readiness and happy willingness to hard work.
  8. Active virtual presence through social networking websites and social media writings, which includes blogging and other web posting.

How to apply

Send your CV, Statement of Purpose, and Academic Writing Sample (preferably in the applied field of research) at Gyan@vidhiaagaz.com

Apply before 20th July 2019.

  1. An interview (phone-in, if the situation demands) may be conducted before you receive an offer letter. The date and time of interview will be duly communicated.
  2. The Centre reserves the right not to appoint anybody.
  3. Documents/Certificates supporting your CV may be requested during the time of interview/appointment or any other time if required.


Email: ccrd@vidhiaagaz.com

Call: +91 7355481982



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