The Centre for Constitutional Research and Development (CCRD) is established by VidhiAagaz – Inking Your Brain in recognition of the need to have an authoritative record of constitutional history, judicial development and to create a forum for exchanging and sharing the discussion of the most important, relevant and recent issues pertaining to the Constitution.

The CCRD blog is an open-access blog published with an intention to promote and contribute to the growth of Constitutionalism in India through publishing the curated and edited content selected by the editorial review process.

Constitutional Experts

Dr. Bhavana Sharma
Principal, HIMCAPES’ College of Law Badhera, H.P., India
Mr. Aqa Raza
Ex. Assistant Professor of Law, Amity University, Raipur, India
Mr. Kaustav Ghosh
Advocate, High Court of Calcutta, India

Student Editors

Ms. Akshita Singh
Student, National Law University Odisha
Ms. Nikita Samdariya
Student, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, India