Procedure established by law

Procedure established by law and due process of law’: Analysing India and the...

Since American jurisprudence had an influence over the phraseology’s “procedure established by law” adoption in India, the author would be throwing some light on this generic connection between the above-mentioned legal systems.
Right to Sleep

Right to sleep as a fundamental right under Article 21: A myth or a...

Right to sleep is a fundamental Right under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution and is subject to protection by the Judiciary.
Internet shutdowns


The 21st century better known as the age of the world wide web has revolutionized the working of every sector, industry and organization using...

The Indian and Singapore Courts on Consensual Homosexual Sex: A Critical Analysis of the...

Same- sex intercourse or other such homosexual acts have been deemed to be against the order of nature or as acts of gross indecency,...

Constitutional Validity of Restitution of Conjugal Rights

The notion of restitution of conjugal rights has left sufficient ambiguity as to whether it violates any of the fundamental rights under the Constitution.
Doctrine of Basic Structure

The Doctrine of Basic Structure in the Indian Constitution: A Critique

The "Doctrine of Basic Structure" is a judge- made doctrine[1] to put a limitation on the amending powers of the Parliament so that the "basic structure of the basic law of the land‟ cannot be amended in exercise of its 'constituent power‘ under the Constitution.

Constitutional Amendments

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